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Hayward Gourmet Seed

Hayward Gourmet Seed
* Hayward Gourmet Seed

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Enjoy Hayward Gourmet's seed collection.  These are the great seeds that we use in our own popping process.   

Hayward Mushroom Seed is our main seed we use in production of our popcorn.  This seed pops up nice and BIG and is great for coating with all your favorite flavors. 

Hayward White Tender Seed is our teder seed that is used in our production of our butter blend and our cotton candy kettle korn.  This seed tends to be a bit sweeter, smaller and a butterfly seed which makes for a different popping experience.  

Both seed are great additions to your home popping needs.  

Each jar contains 3/4 of a lb of seed per jar.  


Also order with our Ball Park Salt. A 4.5 oz glass jar filled with our Bal Park Salt.


Hayward Gourmet Seed $4.99

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